2022-03-27 14:22

PIIM at 2022 EAHP Annual Congress

Rafal Dunal (Vice President of PIIM) represented our Chamber at 2022 EAHP Annual Congress in Vienna. This year in EAHP celebrates its association’s 50th anniversary.

EAHP team has resiliently continued to work hard for the 2022 Congress, so that the hospital pharmacist community of Europe and beyond could finally git together in person and joined them in celebrating EAHP’s 50th anniversary. It was a chance to establish new relations and cooperation with NGO organizations from Europe.

2021-10-10 10:06

The Initiative For eHealth

The Initiative For eHealth is a joint undertaking of the Polish HL7 Association, the Polish Employers’ Union, the Polish Chamber of Healtcare IT and the Telemedicine Working Group, which aims to exchange knowledge and experience and jointly communicate with the governmental side of Polish eHealth. Polish Ministry of Health representatives are invited to meetings under the initiative. The platform is intended to be an expert undertaking, and the initiative is open, transparent and open to all stakeholders.

2020-05-12 23:31


We are pleased to announce that the Polish Chamber of Medical Informatics has joined the group of members of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Inc. (HIMSS) –

HIMSS is a global organization that supports the transformation of the health ecosystem using information technologies. As a non-profit organization, HIMSS has unique knowledge and experience in the field of innovation in healthcare, public policy, research and analysis.

HIMSS, based in Chicago, Illinois, serves its knowledge to organizations, companies, both from the public and private sectors, dealing with computerization of healthcare around the world. Currently, HIMSS has over 80,000 members, 480 commercial entities, 470 non-profit partners and 650 organizations providing services on the healthcare market.

Rafał Dunal (VP of PIIM) will represent our Chamber in HIMSS.

2016-06-21 11:30

Polish HL7 Association has been established

The founding meeting of the Polish HL7 Association took place on 20th of June 2016 in Warsaw. 28 founders established new organization, that will become Polish HL7 Affiliate, when it is registered by court and when an affiliate agreement with HL7 International is signed. The elected management board members are: Paweł Masiarz, Marcin Pusz and Roman Radomski (Chair).

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2016-01-16 18:36

PIIM Working teams have been set up

The Chamber’s Board set up two working teams – Research and Analysis Team and Legislation Team. First meetings took place to agree plans of action. Anyone eager to participate please contact

2015-11-13 15:37

PIIM Program Conference without General Assembly

Due to formal reasons, PIIM program conference that will take place in Warsaw 27.11.2015 will not be a formal general assembly of chamber members. Please confirm your participation in the conference by 20.11.2015 – You are most welcome!

2015-09-20 15:03

PIIM program conference

Polish Chamber of Healthcare IT has been registered in National Court Register and is ready to perform its statutory activity. PIIM program conference and general meeting of chamber members will be held at 27 Nov 2015 in Warsaw.

2015-02-28 13:29

PIIM founding meeting

Entrepreneurs, representatives and proxies of over 120 private entities operating in the healthcare IT market met in Warsaw and took decision to found a new chamber of commerce – Polish Chamber of Healthcare IT. Chamber’s first management board was also selected and registration process was started.