Are you impacted by the electronic medical records requirements?

The Chamber unites entrepreneurs who are providers or users of healthcare IT systems.

Why we founded the Chamber?

The process of defining and implementing of fundaments changes in the Polish healthcare IT systems is ongoing: new central medical registries are being created, new information sharing requirements come into force, medical records migrate to electronic ones, e-prescriptions, e-assignments and other documents are introduced.

The burden of implementing all this changes will be on entrepreneurs working in IT healthcare area, while financing all the modifications will fall on medical entities.

It is our belief that community of providers and users of these solutions is not integrated enough and is in need of a broad, strong and effective representative, who could be a worthy counterpart to governmental institutions.

The legal form of Chamber of Commerce gives such a representative a special empowerment, because it benefits from privileges granted to self-governance bodies and is strongly founded in the law.

Who can join the Chamber?

Every entrepreneur who is a provider of a user of IT healthcare solutions can become a PIIM member, irrespective of her legal form.

In practive, everyone who produces, provides or simply uses IT systems, hardware, software or IT services in healthcare industry meets the statutory requirements.

Members of the Chamber include among others:

  • private and public medical services providers
  • healthcare software vendors
  • consultants in the field of IT healthcare

Management Board

Rafał Dunal

Vice President

Tomasz Judycki


Tomasz Zieliński

Vice President



We are pleased to announce that the Polish Chamber of Medical Informatics has joined the group of members of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Inc. (HIMSS) –

HIMSS is a global organization that supports the transformation of the health ecosystem using information technologies. As a non-profit organization, HIMSS has unique knowledge and experience in the field of innovation in healthcare, public policy, research and analysis.

HIMSS, based in Chicago, Illinois, serves its knowledge to organizations, companies, both from the public and private sectors, dealing with computerization of healthcare around the world. Currently, HIMSS has over 80,000 members, 480 commercial entities, 470 non-profit partners and 650 organizations providing services on the healthcare market.

Rafał Dunal (VP of PIIM) will represent our Chamber in HIMSS.

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Interoperability of healthcare data and systems requires specific methods of identification of objects represented in those systems.


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